We will deliver “a warm time and space” to the world through Bizen ware.


The power of Bizen ware


1. Prolonging life of flowers.

Bizen ware has various splendid effects. There is some breathability due to minute pores. Water is kept fresh and thus prolongs the freshness of flowers.

2. Both hot and cold drink taste even more delicious.

Bizen ware was very minute inside structure, so specific heat is an important characteristic. Therefore it is superior in heat insulation so the cold drinks like beer keep cold and the hot drinks like coffee and tea keep hot. You can savor their flavor over a long time.


3. You can drink more delicious beer.

There are innumerable small irregularities on the surface of Bizen ware. Therefore the foaming function is high, bubbles become creamy and Last longer. Importantly the form makes the drink even more delicious.
You will surprised at the difference in taste after its poured into beer mugs of Bizen ware and compare it to that served in a glass.

4. Makes sake more delicious

The breathability in minute pores of Bizen ware boosts the lively function of yeast in sake and enhances the maturational effect of sake. It increases the fragrance and mellowness and changes it into a full-bodied taste by pouring sake and whiskey, wine in Bizen ware. As the traditions, “The second class Sake becomes first class Sake when you serve it in Bizen ware” The effect for the beer is particularly immediate as number 3 above.


5. Make a dish delicious

The surface of Bizen ware has many irregularities smaller than other ceramics. Food served does not adhere to the surface of the dish. In addition, Water evaporates less and thus prevents drying, and keeps freshness.

In Okayama villages of Bizen ware, infrared effect of Bizen ware are used. Soy sauce manufacture adopts the manufacturing method of adjustment temperature in Omika of Bizen ware. A miso manufactur puts a stick of Bizen ware in a barrel for helping miso nature miso mature.
Cosmetics manufacturers may put a ball of Bizen ware in a product. In addtion if you put water in a pot of Bizen ware, a bleaching powder smells fall out and you can save it long term without spoilage, Water was kept fresh that way as for back as the Warring States Period.