We will deliver “a warm time and space” to the world through Bizen ware.


Bizen ware festival


The Bizen ware festival is held around JP Imbe station of Bizen city, Okayama, known as “a village of Bizen ware” It lasts for two days from the third Saturday to Sunday of October every year.
It is a big event fully supported by the town, held more than 30 times, and about 100,000 people comes from all over Japan.

The outskirts become a vehicle-free promenade in front of JR Inbe Station at Bizen ware festival, Many works are sold at 20% discounted price at a specially installed meeting space or stall.
In addition, there are many various events including “a potter’s wheel demonstration” by the ceramist. The visitor can experience “a potter’s wheel challenge”, “Commission-style photography event” of Bizen ware Komachi by the campaign staff , “Sale of the lucky bag” a bag of the works of living national treasures and the cultural assets writers, ” exhibition of the field” to arrange the flowers of the field in a vase, and “the tea ceremony” in the Tenshin Shrine precincts.

You can enjoy two star gourmet dished such as Bizen burger, Bizen curry, Hinase Kakioko, the soy sauce ice-cream cone at the gourmet meeting food stands.


The powerful charm of Bizen ware festival is the interesting contrasts among many ceramists and works at a time. You may observe a favorite work while enjoying the conversation with the ceramist and hear his or her explanation and feeling of the work.


It is also interesting for you to find a favorite ceramist and pottery at the Bizen ware festival, and you can revisit it after the festival.
Let’s thoroughly enjoy the atmosphere of the town which originated Bizen ware when you visit Bizen. For example, there is the ceramic art museum as soon as you leave Inbe Station.
When you look around brick chimneys are seen in many places and create the scene only in the town of ceramic. In addition, there is much Bizen ware all over the town, sightseeing sign, on a roof an elementary school and the police station, a bus stop and telephone booth. The town has a pair of Komainu(stone guardian liion-dogs) and Ema(votive picture of a horse) on the pavement of the shrine.
Please enjoy the atmosphere of a traditional culture town of Japan.