We will deliver “a warm time and space” to the world through Bizen ware.


Things to be aware of when using Bizen ware


Bizen ware is relatively more firm than other ceramic, but please heed the following points to use it safety for a long time.

Bizen ware does not use glaze(Yuyaku), so the container skin is not smooth. It may damaged when you put it on a table or shelf.
Please use drink coasters or the place mat when used.

Some people boil Bizen before use, Put the Bizen ware and water in a pot.
Boil for 10 minutes , Let it stand and cool for awhile, THen take it out.

If you don’t boil the Bizen ware, please dip in water before use.
This prevents only tastes or smells lingering.
As a byproduct, these methods increase the luster of the colors beautifully.


Please wash it soon after use.

Please dry it well after washing. Mold and a smell can occur when you store in a box and shelf without drying well.

Sudden temperature change causes breaking and damage. Please be careful not to put it on direct fire and pour in hot liquids thing suddenly.
When you pour boiling water Bizen ware, Please warm it beforehand.
When you warm up sake, you should move the sake which you warmed in a different container beforehand and pour it in sake bottles of Bizen ware.
It may be broken when you put Bizen ware directly in boiling water.
Please never use it an oven. It is rare, but may be damaged in a microwave oven.

We inspect for water leaks, but please be watch for the water leaks.
Please be careful of cracked ceramics, it may cause injury.
Bizen ware is fired very firmly and tightened, so it is dangerous when dropped or falling on people during accidents or earthquakes.
Please use it in a stable safe place.