We will deliver “a warm time and space” to the world through Bizen ware.


Shinri Murakami

Our Wish

We will send out messages to the world about the wonderful Bizen ware since we want to revitalize and repay our local community, Bizen.

We will deliver “a warm time and space” to the world through Bizen ware.

We will keep challenging ourselves to create new worthiness as we inherit the 1,000 year history of Bizen ware, and further hone its tradition.

Message from the Representative

Thank you very much for visiting our website.

Bizen Ware Shop “japanese-bizen-ware” is an online business of started December 2013 after passing the screening of the “Project of creatively starting and promoting a business for local community demand” which was implemented by the country.

We started this project with the following concept:
“We would like the people around the world to know how wonderful Bizen ware is. We want the people of Bizen to be proud of their town as we prove that Bizen ware is a pottery that is suitable all around the world. We want young people who want to be pottery artists to increase as we popularize Bizen ware.”

I got discouraged many times as I prepared for the project, I realized how powerless I was and got overwhelmed with many tasks I had to face. However, thanks to the support of many people, I was able to start this website on October 2014. I am very grateful to those who helped me. Thank you very much.

I have been living in Bizen City and spending my daily life surrounded by Bizen ware, I myself was fascinated by the traditional beauty Bizen ware possesses. Just by serving a dish on a Bizen ware plate, the dining table will change into a pleasant space. If you arrange flowers in a Bizen ware vase, the beauty of the flowers will stand out and you will feel peace of mind. We hope that people around the world will enjoy a time and space that is warm through bringing Bizen ware in their daily lives via this website.

We want to repay Bizen by letting the world know Bizen ware, a traditional craft of Japan. What we can do might seem small. However, by launching this website, we are delighted if more and more people become interested in Bizen ware.

We plan to devote ourselves to delivering the tradition and culture of Bizen ware, and the thoughts of pottery artists accurately to the world. We look forward to your continued support of our Bizen Ware Shop “japanese-bizen-ware.”

Shinri Murakami President
Bizen Ware Shop “japanese-bizen-ware”